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French software publisher, expert in data governance and lifecycle management for 15 years, our solutions accelerate the digital transformation of all data-driven organizations.




A quick learning curve that allows you to be operational in less than 24 hours and to limit documentation and data entry to the essential.

Systnaps’ recognized expertise and commitment to the IT ecosystem has enabled it to be a member of the Numeum Comex, Day 1 of GAIA-X, and to engage in an eco-responsible dynamic within Planet Tech’Care and the Solar Impulse Global Alliance.

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1 solution, 1 algorithm and 4 integrated modules

Systnaps, Dynamic data tree model

Unique concept 

The “DDTM – Dynamic Data Tree Model” which allows the automatic discovery and creation of intelligent and comprehensible ready-to-use functional models that are automatically maintained over time.

Systnaps Governance, Modeling, Regulation et Lifecycle

Integrated Data Itinerary

The “GMRL (Governance, Modeling, Regulation and Lifecycle)” to ensure the success of all Data/IA projects in a digital environment in perpetual transformation.

Systnaps, objet modèle

Modeling space in Data self-service mode

The “Object model” which allows you to simply parameterize the data perimeter of a precise project context which will allow you to generate a data set, and to create specific or recurring tasks necessary for the rationalized management of the data life cycle.

Each module completes the previous one by providing its own set of features.

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