Solution Systnaps

Data Management Solution

Systnaps aims to the reappropriate and maintain easily and quickly the Information System, allowing the organisation to adapt efficiently to its environment evolution (merging, acquisition, applicative upgrade, regularity conformity, technological evolutions..)

Systnaps is the collaborative solution for a simple and quick data governance

Everything is part of a continuous improvement (versionning in real time), also a unique consultation interface for the user *First results in less than 24hrs

Globe - data model

Data Model

The Data Model Management aims to reappropriate the informational data assets.

It allows the efficiency of the maintaining of the data model mapping.

  • Automatic generation of the data model in a principle of continuous improvement thanks to our unique and innovative algorithm
  • Semantic enrichment of the data dictionary to make the language between IT and the business more fluid.
  • 360 vision (centric person) to analyze the natural and legal person’s iitinerary in a finer way
  • Data’s quality control

Data Regulation

The module of Data Regulation Management allows to reappropriate its data mode, detect and classify efficiently data under its criticality level.

  • Automatic discovery and categorisation of the personal data (ex: GDRP, PIPEDA, HIPAA)
  • Classification of data among its confidentiality level that allows data transfer optimisation.
  • Calculation of a data vulnerability score allowing the optimization of cryptography projects (anonymization, encryption and pseudonymization).
Human - data regulation
Paper plane - data lifecycle

Data Lifecycle

The Dynamic and intelligent DLM system that allows to build reusable and templates easy to maintain over time, categorize  eligible data filing and anonimization according to business process rules

  • Management of business rules and retention periods to optimise archiving projects
  • Data analysis that aims the optimization of data enhancement project Data mapping, Datamart, Data subsetting..)
  • Implementation of archiving project

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