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What is Systnaps ?

Systnaps is a software company with 15 years of experience in data management, accelerating the digital transformation of all data-driven organizations. Our comprehensive and modular integrated data management platform enables you to govern and manage the entire lifecycle of your data.

Our solution is built around a unique concept: the DDTM (Dynamic Data Tree Model) that allows the entire IS, that mappes it, analyses it, dynamically versions it and continuously updates it in order to facilitate decision making. Finally, it guarantees the success of all data-related projects over time.

Unique and innovative solution

Systnaps has been developed around our innovative Dynamic Data Tree Modeling (DDTM) algorithm, in which we have 4 modules that allow us to surgically tackle your specific day-to-day issues.

Software editor

Our data management software has been accelerating our customers’s processing since 2007. Committed to the data sector, we are a board member of Numeum and also a member of the Gaia-X European cloud project.

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Lifecycle specialist

Our team is composed of experts with more than 20 years of experience in data. Our goal is to provide you with a complete, fast and clear tool to facilitate your daily actions.

Our expertise

Data has become the key asset for business transformation. Systnaps is helping its clients since more than 15 years in their data management and governance projects.

Our solution is based on 4 modules that allow to:

  • The reappropriation of its data assets.
  • Managing the data life cycle via a collaborative platform
  • Support in ensuring data compliance with regulations and laws
  • Governance of its data over time
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