Data Governance

Drive transformation through data (Data-driven)

This module allows you to completely govern your data through projects



Manage your Data projects


Management of roles and data stewards

Business Glossary

Identify business objects, terms and link them to the Data Dictionary and Data Model Catalog

Data Lineage

Tracing the path of a piece of data in order to follow its source and the transformation it has been subject to

Data Model Catalog

Allows users to understand data models for a specific purpose (vision centric, process, library…)


  • Manage retention periods and business requirements for all your master processes through a single application
  • Automate the process of detecting eligible data
  • Facilitate the search and classification of personal data
  • Speed up the processing of data subject rights requests
  • Automate processes and secure critical data

Use case

  • Management of retention period rules
  • Extractions related to legal exercises
  • Regulatory compliance of an Information System (storage).
  • Classify and calculate the level of vulnerability of data
  • Implementation of a DSRM (Data Subject Rights Management) system

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